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Raising the bar and being an advocate for the moments you work for.

We advise successful entrepreneurs, CEO's, and corporate officers. 

Successful business owners and officers tend to:

  • have unique needs.
  • have limited time.
  • want a clear understanding of their current situation.
  • want easy access to their financial information. 

We help our clients meet these needs and stay on track to reach the goals they are working so hard to achieve. 

The beauty of balance

Well balanced planning should include:

  • Wealth Management: We have access to a wide variety of investment options to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
  • Protection: We help our client understand their insurance needs and options available to protect themselves and their business.
  • Planning & Monitoring: We stay in contact and help our clients keep their plans up-to-date through a client portal. 
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Raising the bar in our industry

We started CUI Wealth Management because we believe in higher standards. We believe the minimum expectations should:

  • be goal-based planning, not product driven sales.
  • incorporate regular reviews.
  • include an online client portal.
  • have transparency of fees and services.

If you feel the bar should be set higher than these minimums, it may be worth our time to meet. 

Raising the bar for clients

We believe our clients should raise the bar for themselves. You wake up every morning to work for important moments in your life.

  • You deserve someone who can listen to you, understand your goals, and fight for those goals.
  • You deserve clear guidance and a trusting relationship.

If you feel there is room to raise the bar for yourself, it may be worth the time to see if it is a good fit to work with us.

Raising the bar for ourselves

We have a great deal of respect for the drive and grit that it takes to start and run a successful business. We hold ourselves to a high standard, being entrepreneurs ourselves.

  • We are goal driven and believe in raising the bar for ourselves.
  • There is always ways to improve our process, our technology, and our education.

If you feel it is important to be associated with professionals that feel this way about their practice, it may be worth seeing if we are a good fit to work together.

Are we a good fit?

Making the decision of working with a financial professional should not be based simply on products and knowledge.

  • You work hard for your future. You should feel that your financial professional is working hard for your future as well.
  • Life is too short to be worrying about whether you are on track or heading in the right direction.

It may be a good fit to work together if you :

  • have a successful business or you are an executive.
  • have limited time.
  • want a strong relationship with an advisor who understands business owners.

If this describes your situation, let one of our professionals help you gain clarity and get on track. 

Meet your team

Michael Sayre, AIF, CPFA

Partner & Financial Advisor


As Partner at CUI Wealth Management, Michael seeks to help individuals and firms build financial independence. Since he began his career in the financial services industry, Michael has thrived in simplifying the complex financial world...

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Jason Knight

Partner & Financial Advisor


While still in college, Jason began his career in the financial services industry as an analyst with the State of Utah. After graduating from the University of Utah, he started with Cambridge Financial Center. Two years later, Jason...

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Candice Sayre

Administrative Assistant


Candice grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. She attended school at BYU Idaho...

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