About CUI Wealth Management

Why We Started CUI Wealth Management

The Advisors of CUI Wealth Management have been serving clients in the greater Salt Lake area for several years. Our motivation to start CUI Wealth Management came from seeing opportunities for improvement in the Financial Services industry. 

What Needs Improvement in the Financial Service Industry?

Some advisors sell specific products based on loyalty to particular providers or with a financial product in mind before meeting the client. This approach puts less emphasis on the client's needs or desires, leaving loyalty to the client as secondary. This approach can be due to contracts requiring quotas, a lack of product knowledge, limited access to strategies based on licensing, or getting comfortable with specific products. We feel that client recommendations should not be motivated by extrinsic incentives or loyalties. 

Our Commitment

We know it is impossible to be exceptional in all areas of the financial services industry. Our focus is serving business owners in their financial planning and advising plan sponsors in managing employer-sponsored retirement plans. 

We take pride in our client relationships. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in such intimate and vital decisions that can make a lasting impact on people's lives. We are thankful to the spouses and significant others who have supported us in our pursuit to make a positive impact on the community. We recognize the sacrifices they have made as we have formed and built this financial practice.


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